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    Our Mission
    The Parent Coach Plan is committed to helping parents master the art of child and teen discipline. Our goal is to empower parents and to improve the behavior of their children through the use of our website and our unique and proven discipline products.

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    Boomerang Kids Contracts  

    Boomerang Kids

    This five-page downloadable agreement addresses many of the hot-button issues that parents face when allowing their adult child to move back home.

    You can purchase, read, complete, and begin using the Boomerang Kids Contract all within a matter of minutes! Imagine how peaceful your household will be once you have established a basic set of rules and guidelines. You'll alleviate stress, reduce tension, and decrease your overall number of arguments by simply downloading this easy-toľuse contract and by implementing it as a condition of your adult child moving back home.

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    Here's what you will receive when you purchase the Teen Behavior Package.

    1.) A comprehensive Teen Behavior Program that focuses on three key topics: General Behavior, Responsibilities, and Character

    2.) Six Teen Behavior Contracts that cover "teen-relevant" issues

    3.) BONUS: Six unique Parenting Tools that will assist you in developing a well-rounded and socially-competent teen

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  • Are you struggling with discipline issues and/or behavior problems caused by your child?
  • Is behavior management taking up too much of your time?
  • Do you feel disconnected from your child? Do you wish you could re-connect?

    If you answered "YES" to any of the questions above, then would like to help... and we think we can.

    We offer parents the following tools...
  • behavior contracts
  • behavior interventions
  • therapeutic worksheets
  • parenting worksheets
  • behavior charts
  • our "Create a Contract" system

    Get this and much more for only $19.95!

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