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Child Behavior Charts

A well-designed behavior chart, when properly used, can be highly effective as a behavior modification tool - allowing parents to systematically monitor and improve their child(ren)'s behavior. Unfortunately, many behavior charts prove ineffective due to the vague or unrealistic expectations given to the child. This tends to cause more confusion than compliance and often results in frustration for both the parents and the child.

In order to be effective, a behavior chart should possess these three elements:
1.It should clearly state the behavioral expectations of the child.
2.It should track the child's ability to meet the behavioral expectations.
3.It should reward the child when behavioral expectations are met and provide consequences when they are not.
(Rewards and consequences will be most effective if they are tied into the child's daily privileges.)

The creator of The Parent Coach Plan has designed an innovative new behavior chart that parents can use to monitor and improve their child(ren)'s behavior. The chart consists of three pages that work together to meet each of the elements listed above. It is easy to use and can be downloaded immediately.

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