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Teachers: Making a Difference Isn't Always Easy.

Random thoughts for teachers with difficult students

Creating a Classroom Management Plan

Role-Playing Scenarios

Know Your Child

Would You Rather...?

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Classroom Discipline ProgramClassroom Discipline Program


Free Teacher Tools During the creation of our Free Tools for Parents section, there were a number of tools that were actually created for teachers, counselors, therapists, and/or daycare providers. As a result, we decided to add a Free Tools for Teachers section so that we could offer these unique pages to those that may find them useful.

You will find childcare forms, worksheets, charts, checklists, and much more on these pages. Feel free to print out and use those that you want, all we ask is that you share our site with others if you found it useful.

We know how draining a teacher's day can be and we hope these tools will help to alleviate, even mildly, some of this exhaustion.

Click on each thumbnail to see and print a full-sized version.

Behavior Report for
Positive Behavior
Behavior Report
for Negative Behavior
Conflict Resolution
Broken Rule Assignment Checklist of Concerns

Temperament Scale Fun & Easy Recipes
and Activities
Homework Assignment
Timeout Chart Time Out Rules

Injury Report Activity Schedule Just a Couple of Lists Apology Letter Templates Behavioral Progress

Teaching a classroom full of rambunctious students is no easy task. Along with the lessons that need to be taught and the papers that need to be graded, there is the ever challenging responsibility of managing the classroom.

If you are a frustrated teacher looking for a new approach to classroom discipline, then consider trying our exclusive Classroom Management Plan. It is a simple and highly affordable way to promote positive behavior in the classroom. You will appreciate its simplicity and effectiveness and your students will appreciate the structure and consistency it brings.
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As always, we appreciate your feedback. Please let us know what you found to be useful or suggest new ideas that you think would be useful. Thank you!

Daycare Bulletin Board Signs

The following printables are bulletin board signs that can be used by daycare providers. Feel free to print out your favorite and post it where parents can enjoy it. If you are a parent, please print out your favorite sign and ask your child's daycare provider to post it on the bulletin board at the center.

Reminders Poster
Reminders Poster
Advice To Parent By
Advice To Parent By

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