10 Reasons to Try a Behavior Contract with Your Child or Teen

Why try a behavior contract with your child?

  1. Because they promote and encourage positive behavior.
  2. Because they clarify behavioral expectations.
  3. Because they are easy to use.
  4. Because children learn accountability and self-discipline from them.
  5. Because they make privileges and consequences predictable.
  6. Because they create an environment that is consistent and structured.
  7. Because they prevent manipulation.
  8. Because they motivate children.
  9. Because they open the lines of communication between child and parent.
  10. Because they are effective!

If you are looking for a set of prewritten, downloadable behavior contracts then please visit www.ParentCoachPlan.com or www.TeenBehaviorContracts.com.  Both sites offer highly affordable behavior contract packages that cover a variety of behavioral issues and character traits.  Each package also includes additional parenting tools as described on the site.

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