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Affiliate Program – Complete Parenting Solutions

Become a Parenting Affiliate!

Affiliate Program

Complete Parenting Solutions has had an affiliate program since 2005. We are proud of our products and have been in business since 2003. Our track record is proven with a 99.8 percent customer satisfaction rate. We can count on one hand the number of customer returns we have had in the last 10 years!

With our affiliate program we do most of the work. You get paid up to 35 percent for every referral you make. All you need to do is go to this link and it will explain our products and how to sign up to get started.
You will be promoting up to 5 products that help parents deal with their children, teens and/or young adults behavior.

Our affiliate program software will track your sales and report your traffic on each banner or link that you use. Here are some ways you can advertise our product.

1.) Copy and paste our code (banner/text link) into one of your web pages.
2.) Copy and paste our code into a blog
3.) Join popular marketing forums such as, and make frequent contributions to popular threads there.
4.) Once every few weeks post a press release at or another website like this one.
5.) If you own an email list of newsletter subscribers or other people who have opted in to receive email offers from you, send them an email telling them about our website, and feel free to use some text from our homepage in your email. Include your affiliate link at the end of the email.
6.) Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Using a PPC account from Google Adwords, Overture, Yahoo, or many others.

You will have dozens of our colorful and attractive banner ads and text links to choose from to promote our product. We add new ones all the time to help increase our click rate.

If you have any questions on how to use our program please contact us and we will guide you through the process!