The Entitled Child

“When a child is allowed to do absolutely as he pleases, it will not be long until nothing pleases him.”  -anonoymous

entitled childThis quote perfectly describes the “entitled child.”  Too often, I’ve had to sit back and literally “bit my lip” while watching friends of mine make a parenting style out of this quote.

Children need boundaries, limits, and expectations.  They also need a parent with a backbone.  Too often, parents find that it is simply easier to give-in to their children rather than enforcing limits and/or rules.  They don’t want to engage in a power struggle, or worse yet, make their child upset.  I say “LET THEM BE UPSET!”

There’s no reason any parent should have to bend over backwards simply to appease their child…this is what creates an entitled child.

An entitled child believes that he deserves to be treated special…that he should get “preferential treatment.”  This is a great way to teach narcissism.

How can you tell if your child is entitled?

He or she is more of a “taker” more than a “giver”

He or she complains about having to do basic chores

He or she always wants an option that wasn’t offered

He or she frequently tries to bargain or make deals

He or she pouts when things don’t go as desired

He or she is impatient and/or has a low frustration tolerance

He or she expects others (usually the parents) to fix their problems

He or she always expects to have the “latest” fad or fashion


How can you avoid raising an entitled child?


Discourage the “materialistic” mindset

Teach and practice patience

Help your entitled child “give back” to the community

Get out of the habit of rewarding your child for every positive behavior

Avoid allowing your child to negotiate options that weren’t offered

Avoid bailing your child out of trouble every time

Set firm limits and enforce them