Free Behavior Contract

Hi Everyone!

free behavior contractHere is a new (and FREE) behavior contract that I just put together in case anyone can use something like this to help generate better behavior from their little one (or not so little one!).  This free behavior contract is a little more “general” and “generic” compared to those that I wrote for our other sites ( and  The behavior contract packages I created for those sites are a bit more oriented to specific character traits and behaviors…though this one will get you off to a great start!

If you know anyone that could benefit from a free behavior contracts like this then please share this page with him or her via Twitter, Facebook, or via any other social media you use.  This free behavior contract will work with young children as well as older children or teens.  Sometimes all it takes for improved behavior is to write out your child’s expectations then have him or her “sign on the dotted line.”   A decent behavior contract will establish clear expectations and will also notify the child of the consequences (good or bad) that he or she will receive based on his or her ability to meet those expectations.

Click on the thumbnail to open up your free behavior contract!