Tips for Kids for When They Go to a Friend’s House

  1. Be thankful and appreciative of the things your friend’s parents do for you. “Thanks for having me” is the last thing you should say as you walk out their door. You should also say thanks when they give you (or even offer) food, drinks, or snacks…or after the parent has driven you and your friend somewhere.
  2. It is okay to accept what is offered to you (if applicable) but do not ask for food or drinks while over at your friend’s house (especially if you are at a neighborhood friend’s house). If you are thirsty then simply say, “I’m a bit thirsty, can I have a glass of water?” If they let you have some…then great! If they offer you something else…then that’s even better!
  3. If your friend’s parent cooks you something for lunch or dinner then at least be respectful enough to give it a try. Even if you don’t particularly like what was prepared for you, you can still be polite and eat as much of it as you can put down. Unless it is literally making you gag there is no reason to decline what was prepared for you.
  4. Assume that certain rules apply at ALL times while you are at your friend’s house:
    -No running or horseplay in the house.
    -Keep your voice at an indoor level.
    -Be polite to your friend’s siblings.
    -Wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.
    -Wipe your feet off (or take your shoes off) before entering their home.
    -Respect any other rules that the parents might have.
  5. Bring money if you are invited places! If your friend’s parent invites you to go roller-skating then at least bring enough money to get yourself in the door. If you are invited to go to a movie then bring enough for the ticket and snacks if you intend to have any. Your friend’s parent shouldn’t be expected to cover your costs unless that is the arrangement to begin with.
  6. Help pick up or clean up. When it is time to leave then make sure you help put away any items, toys, or materials that were being used. If your friend is asked by his or her parent to clean up then don’t just stand there and watch – help out!
  7. Teen-boys-friendsStay off your phone or mobile device! You are at your friend’s house to spend time with your friend, not to text and “socialize” with others. Turn it off if you have to or leave it in another room…it’s rude to be constantly distracted while spending time with your friend.

Follow these guidelines when you are at your friend’s house and it is much more likely that you will be invited back. Ignore them and you just might end up having to look for another place to hang out!