Our Children’s Memory Banks

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.”  -Charles R. Swindoll

Such a great quote…but have you really sat down and thought about it?

What memories are you leaving your children with?  Are they going to remember you as a kind, fair, hard-working parent?  Are they going to remember how well you treated others or maybe how passionate you were about the things that made you happy?  When they picture your face will you have a smile?  A frown?  A stressed-out look?

Will they remember how safe and secure they felt in your (their) home?  Will they remember you as a good housekeeper or as a complete slob?   Will they remember your good home-cooking or will they remember eating fast-food every day?

How will they recall your relationship with their mother/father…and how much of it will they emulate?  Would that be a good thing?

Will they look back and think to themselves, ”You know, mom/dad always had my back” or “Mom/Dad took really good care of me.”

parenting-quoteWill they have memories of you drunk?  Stoned?  High on prescription pills?  Will they remember multiple boyfriends/girlfriends of yours coming in and out of their lives?

What it boils down to is this:

Children watch their parents…much more than we might know.  It is therefore important that we parents set our own standards high enough that our children will remember their childhood days as having been positive, safe, loving, and nurturing.  Negative memories breed emotional burdens, anxiety, resentment, and bitterness.  Try at all costs to avoid leaving them with these types of memories.

It’s quite scary to think back at all of the things our children might remember about us…but we can start making positive memories from this day forward.  It’s difficult to erase the negative ones but if we fill our children’s memory banks with many more positives then we can at least hope that some of the negative ones will be forgotten.