Parenting Tips and Advice

25 Parenting Tips from

  1. Establish rules that are clear, concise, and fair.
  2. Be firm (assertive) when giving a direction or setting a limit.
  3. Use consequences (both positive and negative) that are meaningful to your child.
  4. Avoid rewarding negative behavior (for instance, “giving in” to a tantrum, etc.).
  5. Avoid rewarding children for behaviors that are expected (simple praise should be enough).
  6. Use discipline to teach, not to control.
  7. Avoid using humiliation or shame to address your child’s behavior.
  8. Seek tips and advice from family members and/or other parents regarding common issues.
  9. “Rule with love, not with fear.”
  10. Recognize your child’s positive behavior…even a pat on the back or a high-five will do wonders.
  11. TALK to your child. Ask about his/her day every day.  Provide support and/or encouragement.
  12. Be approachable.
  13. Avoid over-reacting to minor transgressions or rule-breaking.
  14. Encourage healthy habits! Diet AND exercise are incredibly important.
  15. Be consistent with rules and consequences. Predictability is comforting to children.
  16. Ignore minor misbehavior that is meant to annoy (whining, pouting, etc.).
  17. Remain calm! If your child is about to make you “lose it” then take a time out or call someone for help.
  18. Hold regular family meetings to discuss issues and other family-related topics.
  19. Try using behavior contracts, a behavior chart, or a behavior program to improve your child’s behavior.
  20. Avoid bailing your child out of trouble every time he/she gets in to it.
  21. Teach and encourage positive character traits (honesty, integrity, responsibility, respect, etc.).
  22. Teach and encourage the use of coping-skills to help your child deal with difficult feelings, poor choices, and unacceptable urges or impulses.
  23. Establish parental authority EARLY ON or your job as a parent will be much more challenging over the years.
  24. Have fun being a parent. There’s no reason that parenting should be considered a burden.
  25. Be a good role-model! Your kids may not listen to you very well but they are indeed watching!