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Dear Parent,

This is an opportunity for you, the parent, to choose your own "parenting goals".

  • Write down the numbers of the goals in the appropriate boxes below.

  • At the end of each day, draw the appropriate "face" (see below) based on how well you met each goal.

  • Goals may be changed daily or kept the same.

  • Ask your child for feedback regarding your process.

  • 1Provide an environment that is safe13Be more assertive
    2Provide an environment that is nurturing14Be more consistent
    3Provide a highly-structured environment15Be less demanding
    4Provide open and frequent communication16Avoid inappropriate language near child(ren)
    5Teach and encourage positive social skills17Avoid fighting with spouse near child(ren)
    6Set limits that are fair and reasonable18Avoid nagging
    7Be supportive and understanding of feelings19Avoid yelling or criticizing, control anger
    8Be a positive role model20Give positive attention more frequently
    9Be a good listener21Encourage healthy habits
    10Be more patient22Spend more quality time with child(ren)
    11Be helpful with problem-solving23Provide closer supervision
    12Give fair and logical consequences24Other

    Use the chart below to keep track of your goals as well as your ability to meet those goals.
    DayGoal #Response (see below)Goal #Response (see below)Notes


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