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    Our Mission
    The Parent Coach Plan is committed to helping parents master the art of child and teen discipline. Our goal is to empower parents and to improve the behavior of their children through the use of our website and our unique and proven discipline products.

    Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Teachers & Counselors

    Mental Health Professionals and teachers are constantly searching for tools that can be used to improve child and/or student behavior. The Parent Coach Plan was created for these professionals so that their feverous search could finally come to an end. With its easy-to-use discipline program and clever parenting tools, The Parent Coach Plan is fast becoming a hit with agencies and professionals that work with challenging children and adolescents.

    Therapists, counselors, and social workers have used the contents of The Parent Coach Plan to assist overwhelmed parents with the implementation of a simple and effective in-home discipline program. This program borrows from the successful techniques used in residential treatment facilities catering to children and adolescents with emotional and/or behavioral problems.
    Teachers have used our unique and highly affordable Classroom Management Plan to ease the headaches caused by poor student behavior. Also included with the Classroom Management Plan is a free set of Behavior Bucks, specially designed for use in the classroom. Behavior Bucks promote positive behavior by helping teachers implement a fun and effective "token economy" in their classrooms.

    Our behavior contracts have helped parents establish a discipline regimen that is consistent and fair. Often times it is the child's teacher or therapist recommending the behavior contracts to the parents. Our prewritten contracts cover a variety of issues and ease the burden for parents who may otherwise resort to other techniques to avoid the undesirable writing process.

    The Parent Coach Plan is a ready-made discipline program that can be implemented in any home quickly and with minimal effort. Imagine how useful this could be for social workers, family support workers, or parent coaches. The program is designed to meet the specific needs of each child and can be changed or modified as the child’s needs change.

    This program does not claim that it will "fix" your child's behavior problems or turn your difficult child into an easy-going little angel, but it will certainly make a difference. The Parent coach Plan will help parents establish discipline that is firm, fair, consistent, and structured. With all of these elements in place, parents are sure to experience improved behavior from their child(ren).

    Agencies and professionals now have the option of using our program for multiple clients by taking advantage of our monthly fee option. Use of this option prevents copyright infringement by affording you full and repeated use of our products for a small monthly fee. Contact us for rates or for more information regarding this special plan.
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