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Finding a qualified child therapist

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    The Parent Coach Plan is committed to helping parents master the art of child and teen discipline. Our goal is to empower parents and to improve the behavior of their children through the use of our website and our unique and proven discipline products.

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    Finding a qualified child therapist

    Finding a qualified child therapist can be exhausting and frustrating. It is difficult to know where to start looking. Many times, parents resort to simply opening up the local phone book and making a call to the first name that catches their eyes. While this technique can be effective, it is not always the best approach. Phone books rarely provide a potential client with the most necessary of information regarding a prospective therapist. For instance, does this therapist use a behavioral approach or does he or she use a more spiritual approach? Is this therapist well-established or is he or she fresh out of graduate school? Does this therapist have office hours that work with your schedule or will you struggle to find a mutual appointment time? Can this therapist prescribe medication if needed, or will another individual need to be part of the treatment team?

    The above questions are rarely, if ever, answered in a small one-line phone book listing. You essentially get two bits of information from a phone book: a name and a phone number. This minimal amount of information obviously fails to provide an answer to some of the more important questions you may have. Such a lack of information can lead to a lot of unnecessary phone calls and wasted time.

    Chris Theisen is the creator of The Parent Coach Plan, a simple and easy-to-use in-home discipline program that provides parents with the information and tools that are needed to establish effective discipline. Use this program to develop a firm, fair, consistent, and structured discipline regimen in your home. (more...)
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